Aikido - Eugene Aikikai

Our mission is to develop quality Aikido through enjoyable and whole-hearted practice. By quality Aikido we mean much more than technical expertise. The sincere practice of Aikido is a process of continual growth. We aim to support each student in developing continually as a human being.

Thoms, Sensei throwing a student Eugene Aikikai is a membership club. With payment of monthly dues, members may attend any of the scheduled classes. Please note that the class schedule is subject to change and may be modified to accommodate special events.

Classes in Aikido and Iaido are offered in a spacious and safe environment. The mat is specially constructed of a wood-sprung base with foam cushioning and a canvas cover. Uniforms, belts, bokken, jo, tanto (wooden weapons) and Iaido supplies are for sale at the school at discount prices.

Eugene Aikikai, its instructor and students are members of Birankai, formerly USAF Western Region. T.K. Chiba, Shihan, (8th Dan) , is our master teacher.

Eugene Aikikai is sponsored by Mike Flynn, Sensei, 6th Dan, Shidoin. Mike Flynn Sensei, formerly the chief instructor of Alameda Aikikai, has moved and is now the chief instructor of Thistle Aikikai in Scotland.

Thoms Sensei practicing Iaido Our chief instructor at Eugene Aikikai is Stephen Thoms, Sensei.

Training at our dojo is demanding. Everyone gives 100% to trying to learn Aikido. But everyone trains to their own ability - and with their own body. We have old, young, strong, weak. Whatever your situation, you can probably practice Aikido. We all just train within our own limits. And because there is no competition, our only obstacle is ourselves.

Sensei performing pin Many people are attracted to Aikido for many diverse reasons. Its sophisticated philosophy and concern for the welfare of all, as well as its true martial approach, attracts a wide variety of people.

Aikido is meant to be much more than just self defense. Still, it is a powerful martial art with incredible depth. Sensei demonstrates tenkan The martial application is always examined.

Sensei demonstrates a turning movement called tenkan. This movement is not really a technique. It simply places the defender in a better, safer position, relative to his or her attacker.

Sensei performing ikkyo technique Sensei demonstrates Ikkyo. This is a very basic ancient martial technique. Seated techniques - called suwari-waza, work the lower body. They provide the practitioner with a different perspective on the body center.

If you would like to watch a class, please come and visit us. You are welcome. You could try a class if you like with no charge. See our schedule and select a suitable general or basics class. We will look forward to meeting you!