The chief instructor at Eugene Aikikai is Stephen Thoms, Sensei. Thoms, Sensei performing irimi nage Thoms Sensei has trained for over 25 years. He has a wide range of influences, including extended instruction under the late Kanai Sensei (chief instructor, New England Aikikai), Shibata Sensei (chief instructor, Berkely Aikikai) and Mike Flynn Sensei (chief instructor, Thistle Aikikai). Thoms, Sensei performing irimi nage

Sensei opened Eugene Aikikai in 1994 and has been teaching regular classes since. Thoms, Sensei taking ukemi for ikkyo

Thoms, Sensei practicing Iaido In addition to studying and teaching Aikido, Sensei regularly trains in and teaches Iaido. Iaido is a separate art form - and can be studied separately - or as a compliment to the study of Aikido.