Upcoming Events


eugene Aikikai open house | Saturday September 15th

Join Eugene Aikikai students and instructor for an open house at the Dojo. All community members are welcome to come and explore the practice of Aikido. Come see demonstrations in Aikido, Aikido Weapons and Iaido, or join us for a potluck to learn more about our school and the people who train here.

Located in the Whiteaker area of Eugene, Eugene Aikikai has offered classes to countless community members for more nearly 25 years.

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seminar with Mike flynn shihan | October 12th-14th | Eugene aikiaki

Michael Flynn Shihan began his study of Aikido in 1982 at San Diego Aikikai under the direction of Shihan TK Chiba. He was promoted to 6th Dan in 2001, and named Shihan in June of 2005. He was formally awarded his Shihan Certificate in a ceremony at Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo in November 2006 by the second Doshu, Ueshiba Moriteru. He has also received Iaido Shihan title from Mitsuzuka Sensei.




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