Building community through a shared commitment to personal development.


Our mission is to develop quality Aikido through enjoyable and whole-hearted practice. By quality Aikido we mean much more than technical expertise. The sincere practice of Aikido is a process of continual growth. We aim to support each student in developing continually as a human being.

Eugene Aikikai is a membership club. With payment of monthly dues, members may attend any of the scheduled classes. Please note that the class schedule is subject to change and may be modified to accommodate special events.

Classes in Aikido and Iaido are offered in a spacious and safe environment. The mat is specially constructed of a wood-sprung base with foam cushioning and a canvas cover. Uniforms, belts, bokken, jo, tanto (wooden weapons) and Iaido supplies are for sale at the dojo at discount prices. 


Training at our dojo is demanding. Everyone gives 100% to trying to learn Aikido. But everyone trains to their own ability - and with their own body. We have old, young, strong, physically limited. Whatever your situation, you can practice Aikido. We train within our own limits And because there is no competition, our only obstacle is ourselves.

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The Four Pillars of Aikido



Empty handed practice involves two practitioners who alternate roles as Uke, the reciever of energy, and Nage, the giver of energy. Through practice, each person cultivates sensitivity, awareness and compassion. Aikido is not a competitive martial art, but rather a path, or way, to self discovery and spiritual development. Since winning and losing are never a concern, the trainees are free to dedicate their efforts to mutual goals. It is therefore possible for men, women, and children of all ages to walk together down the path of budo, the heart of Aikido.



Most of Aikido's empty hand work was developed from the use of weapons. The study of weapons aids students in the cultivation of martial awareness, which is critical to the individuals understanding of Aikido as a martial way. Through examination of balance, distance and timing, students are exposed to a greater depth of self-awareness. 



Many of the qualities needed in Aikido training- fearlessness, energy and focus required to plumb the depths of one's own existence in the midst of conflict- are demanded in Zen as well. When the dualistic separation of "self" and "other" is transcended through the forging of deep mind-body training, the concept of an opponent loses all meaning. The practice of Zazen offers students an opportunity to train their mind, cultivating stillness and calm.



"Iai Battoh-Ho, meaning "sword-drawing method," is based on Iaido, "the Way of sword drawing," and other traditional forms of Japanese sword work. In Birankai North America, Battoh-Ho is studied in large part for the same reasons as weapons work with bokken and jo: for what it reveals about the roots of Aikido as a martial art.



Check out a class at Eugene Aikikai 

In 2018, we had the pleasure of hosting Jim Ballard and Nicole Trobaugh of The Path Yet Taken travel blog for an introductory class in aikido. You can check out their experience at our dojo in this episode, Oregon Asian Celebration.